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Home About us
About Us

..................................................Company profile

History & Prologue

Good health is vital to all of us and finding sustainable solutions to the health care challenges of our changing world cannot wait. That's why Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is committed to be a participant in health care and to help change millions of lives for the better health through providing access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them. CPL has a moderate portfolio (currently 16 portfolios which consists of 53 medicines) of medicines that prevent, treat and cure diseases across a significant range of therapeutic areas. More than 80 products will be added with our product line within a few months in various areas. Near Future CPL is going to introduce Veterinary Section (Animal Health’s), Herbal Section (Herbal Products), Ophthalmic Section (Eye Drop & Eye Ointment).


To meet the expansion, CPL has modernized and refurnished its facilities upgraded internal technology & management and attained the capability to manufacture quality finished medicine. CPL is going to install branded and expensive machinery & equipments with next six months. It will enhance the capability of life saving medicine production. On the whole, CPL is enhancing competitiveness for reasonable price and best quality. CPL does not believe in low pricing because low price means low quality.


We are successfully operating our business from Dhaka. This company was actually established by GETCO / Bangla CAT (Represents the world famous USA based Caterpillar Company) in 1980s. The founders of

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Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd were six renowned businessmen of Bangladesh. Among the six businessmen Mr. K.M. Khaled and Mr. M. Aminul Hoque are eminent industrialists in our country. Basically their core business is to deal with different kinds of heavy duty construction machineries & equipments, industrial generators and so on. Also they are successfully engaged with telecommunications, banking (Prime Bank) and leasing sectors. But they could not pay much attention on Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd and decided to sale it. Afterwards a renowned group name METRO GROUP purchased the company at the end of 1993. From the beginning of 1994 started it’s operation. Our first Managing Director was Mr. Anisul Islam who was also the Managing Director of Essential Drugs Ltd. (Which is 100% government owned).



METRO GROUP is one of the top few private sector companies in Bangladesh and their major concentration is in construction business and being so they’ve constructed the Karnafully bridge(Chittagong),Dharala Bridge(Kurigram), Kanchan Bridge(Narayangonj), Dholeshwari Bridge 1 & 2 (Munshigonj), Langolband Bridge (Narayangonj), Tista Bridge(Lalmonirhat), Daratana Bridge (Bagerhat),Sadipur Bridge (Sylhet),Shewla Bridge (Sylhet), UDAY Tower, UDAY Sunz, Finance Center adjacent to newly constructed Dhaka Stock Exchange building at Nikunja near Air-port and many more ultra-modern high rise & exclusively commercial building at prime location of Dhaka City (Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Uttara, Nikunja).



METRO GROUP diversified their business in Real–Estate, Agricultural business & Foreign Trade. Due to tremendous increasing of their business volume, METRO GROUP also couldn’t pay full-time concentration in this industry like GETCO. For this reason, management decided to transfer the whole shares as a buyer to the existing Director as an experienced person Mr. Munsur Ahamed. As because, METRO GROUP desired to be more involved to their premier construction business.


Finding of huge scope in this sector later, Mr. Munsur Ahamed accordingly purchased Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd. who has keen interest in pharmaceuticals sector is also a vastly experienced person. After taking over the company, Mr. Munsur Ahamed throne in the chair as Managing Director to till date with successful operation. The core business of our company is manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of generic human pharmaceuticals products (Biological and Non-biological). Near future the company will enter in to the International Market to Export human pharmaceuticals product.


After 2006 the company has gradually increased its sales volume. In 2008, the company has crossed the landmark of its early sales volume. In 2009 Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd set new mission, vision, goal and accordingly working on those. Since its journey, the company has focused to build its reputation in both, the customer and end-user level.



Basic Principle of Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd:


The basic principle of Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is “respect for the individual” and this inspired us to set the following Mission, Vision, Target & Goal.


Mission: Realize dreams to create new dreams….. Better medicine, better health


Vision: To make contribution in national economy by reaching to the summit of manufacturing pharmaceuticals finished drugs.


Target: To maintain customer trust and satisfaction nationwide that includes local and international compliance of 46 LDCs (Least Developing Country) barrier and opportunities with in the year of 2016 with trusted name in quality medicine


Goal: Inspired by a single goal for your health: To shape the dreams with creativity and ingenuity with an aim for highly efficient and quality production.


Strength: Its strength lies in the commitment of both management and workers to deliver value to the clients, customers, consumers and well-wishers.


Safety: Anyone entering the factory in working hour uses shoes with hygienic cover, hand-gloves, aprons and required safety measure. In addition fire fighting system is there to support.


Environment: All necessary precautions will be taken to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum standard. The company already got the environmental clearance. The factory will have insignificant negative impact on environment because our factory location is every much environment friendly to manufacture finished medicines in pleasant environmental atmosphere.

Major Focus of CPL:

To improve the health status of population particularly of mothers and children;

To consolidate and strengthen existing primary Health Care (PHC) program;

To prevent, control and treat major communicable and non communicable diseases; &

To promote adequate production, supply and distribution of essential drug vaccines and other therapeutic agents.


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